Alpin Rose Reconstruct 
Multi-protecting conditioner for color-treated and chemically treated hair.

AT HOME TREATMENT / Size 105 ml e 3.55 fl.oz

Special Ingredient : ALPINE ROSE STEM CELLS. Alpine Rose stem cells reconstruct   uses the stem cell extract of Alpine Rose (Rhododendron ferrugineum), a prized indigenous plant to Switzerland, that can cope with extreme conditions of cold, intense solar radiations. It contains excellent antioxidants and proteins, such as polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, taxifolin, rhododendrin, and dehydrins, which protect against UV radiations, free radicals, extreme stress conditions, and dehydration.

alpin rose reconstruct at home ceferina professional

  Product Benefits

Protects and prolongs hair color

Provides immediate strength and softness

Shiny Hair

Reduces Breakage

Creates strong hair


Key Ingredients

Paraben-free -  Silicone-free - Sulfate-free

How to Use

Apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5 minutes, Comb and Rinse thoroughly.


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