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Mary Carmen Ascanio Arias CEO started her professional career in the most important French multinational company specialized in hair care beauty products. Her trajectory started from giving training in hair coloring and hair treatments for stylists, to the marketing and sales strategy for her VIP clients in her native Venezuela.

After a few years she moved to the United States, and it was there that she decided to launch her own brand Ceferina professional, a name chosen for a very special reason.

She begins to develop formulas with organic ingredients free of parabens and focused on recovering damaged and dull hair.

She fights against the premise that once hair is damaged it must be cut.

A fervent believer in the power of vegetable  stem cells, almost all her formulas contain them, as well as essential oils, all cold-pressed to preserve all their properties.
This is how she created her most famous formula, BTX2 EXPRESS, which became a bestseller.

Revolutionizing treatments in ampoule format by including essential oils such as CIRUELA OIL, which is the flagship of all its formulas, for all its wonderful benefits.

Another of her passions? fragrances. It is on one of her trips to Scotland that she discovers a company that makes its own fragrances and scents that are so difficult to decipher as they can have up to 30 ingredients, all of them secret.

The formulas can have notes of Blackcurrant, clove, wild jasmine and roses.

¨We will always look for ingredients of sustainable origin and from organic farming.¨

The special name is about her: Mom...
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